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Wires connected by screw seals provide insulation and waterproof functions at the same time, completely blocking wire breakage and wire dropouts, and preventing contact failure deriving from vibration, thereby providing stable power supply.

The screw seal of ORIENS Korea Co., Ltd. is a wire connector for wire connection in which the threaded wire connector and the bonded heat shrink tube are designed as all-in-one. Threaded wire connectors are highly reliable products that have been used in the wire connector market for over 50 years. The plastic shell of the connector is designed in a conical shape with a grooved form to provide strong grip power, so It is possible to make an easy and fast installation. In addition, since it is made of UL94-V2 flame retardant material, there is little risk of fire. The square spring insert inside the connector strongly twists and fixes the conductor of the inserted wire by rotation. However, since the lower part of the threaded wire connector is open when connecting the wire, there is a limit to protect the connected wire from external contaminants such as moisture and dust, and it has a problem of loosening and sometimes dropping out after installation, as time goes by. People at the installation site are solving this problem by winding the insulation tape. To solve this problem, we developed screw seal. The screw seal is a threaded wire connector that connects wires quickly and easily, and at the same time, it securely fixes and seals the wire connected to the connector with a bonded heat shrink tube to protect the wires from external contaminants such as moisture and dust.

Screwseals sizes

Working temperature: -40° to 221°F   Voltage: Up tp 300Volt


How to use

1. Turn off the power before use.  Peel off the sheath of the wire to be connected (peeling off section: 9-12mm) 

2. Select the right size of screw seal and arrange the wire ends side by side.

3. Grasp the arranged wires and insert the screw seal while turning clockwise.

4.  Tighten the screw seal by turning clockwise.

(When it is tightened, it does not turn any longer) 

5. Shrink the shrink tube by applying heat using a heat source such as a portable torch or lighter.

(Caution) Do not heat the wire connector (plastic).

6. The bonding liquid will flow to the end of the shrink tube and now it is completed.

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