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LED Bars and Carnival Lights

Carnival LED Bar

  • Preprogrammed LED lights for amusement parks, food trucks, etc.

  • 10 lights installed in 1 meter aluminum bar, 21.6W/bar

  • Requires 24VAC transformer


2 inch wide

1-1/4 tall

  • Pre-programmed snowfall effect. No controller needed.

  • Connect all bars together and all bars will light up randomly.

  • Available in 20in or 40in aluminum bars. 

  • Waterproof (IP68)

  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with integrated LED Chips

  • Perfect for jobs that require maximum customization

  • Cuttable in the field (every 2 in. increments)

Snowfall spec Intellect LED
PCB Bars Spec Intellect LED
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