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Single Color Modules

Non-Polarized Wires

*All Single Color Modules include a 5-year warranty from date of purchase

Intellet LED module with no polarity

All of our single color modules feature non-polarized wires (except tiny modules).

Feel free to decide which wires will be positive and negative. 

Reverse Polarity Protection

All of our LED modules include integrated reverse circuit protection. 

Together with non-polarized wires, it will be nearly impossible to short out our modules.

Interone LED integrated reverse circuit protection
Interone LED modules wire thru technogy
wirethru logo

Wire-Thru™ Technology

Skip the solder and glue connections. The wiring on our modules runs straight through  the entire length without any cuts. 

The PCB is then bolted directly onto the wires for the strongest, most durable construction.

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